Electrical Safety Services

Electrical Safety Services

NEC audits

The safety of an electrical system begins with the proper installation of electrical distribution equipment, wiring systems and utilization equipment. If the electrical installation complies with the NEC (also known as Standard NFPA 70 or simply the Code), then it can be considered free from hazards. Unfortunately, it is very common to have accidents or even fatalities attributed to lack of compliance. Our experience and Code knowledge allows us to:

  • Identify code violations
  • Make accurate references to the code
  • Use state of the art photographic equipment to properly illustrate violations
  • Make clear and understandable reports with suggestions on how to modify the installation for compliance
  • Prioritize the violations according to the potential hazard they represent

thermographics scanning and analysis

The new editions of the NFPA 70E make special emphasis on preventive maintenance to avoid possible hazards on the electrical system, and one of the most useful tools available is the thermography. With the proper equipment and personnel, your company can prevent events such as overloads, loose connections, current imbalance and other anomalies that can lead to a fire or accident. Our technical skills, state of the art equipment, certification, experience and education allow us to:

  • Take high quality thermal images as well as digital pictures
  • Make comprehensive analysis and reports
  • Make accurate and easy to understand recommendations
  • Prioritize the situation according to the potential hazard it represents

electrical safety audit

Electrical safety plans, policies, and procedures must be audited at least once a year to make sure all the new techniques and developments are included, as well to verify that all the personnel follow the company policies. Our expertise, knowledge and technical preparation enables us to make accurate audits to your electrical safety documents and procedures:

  • On-site audits
  • Revision of electrical safety policies and documents
  • Comprehensive reports and recommendations
  • Compliance with NFPA 70E
  • Consistent and repetitive auditing methods and formats

electrical safety training

Working on energized electrical equipment is considered one of the highest risks for the maintenance personnel. NFPA 70E requires that only qualified personnel perform electrical work. To become qualified personnel, the worker has to be able to understand the risks he/she is facing, the proper techniques to reduce the risk, the selection of the proper PPE, and other requisites described in NFPA 70E. Our training seminars are designed to deliver the best knowledge transfer available in the market:

  • Our trainers are highly qualified to deliver comprehensive yet technical seminars
  • Our training materials provide the best support for the course and future references
  • Our training seminars are designed to meet and exceed the requisites described by NFPA 70E
  • We can offer seminars in English and Spanish
  • We have developed all the tools necessary to perform on-site training or webinars

The electrical safety training can be complemented with other related seminars that we can offer:

  • NEC compliance
  • Electrical maintenance (NFPA 70B)
  • Grounding and bonding
  • Short circuit calculations
  • Protective coordination
  • Arc Flash calculations

electrical safety program

Electrical safety plans, policies, and procedures can be developed by our engineers to meet NFPA 70E and warranty the safety of your electrical maintenance personnel. Have peace of mind knowing that your documentation and procedures are in compliance because:

  • Our engineers have broad knowledge, training and certification on electrical safety
  • We have developed electrical safety programs and procedures to large, medium and small companies
  • Our engineers have field experience as well as highly formal education
  • The documents we have developed are comprehensive, well redacted and easy to understand and apply.