Our instructors have more than 15 years of successful experience training electrical and electronic engineers, technicians, contractors, professors and electrical inspectors.

Our training is directed to personnel involved in electrical and electronic systems maintenance, electrical systems design, electrical inspectors, electrical contractors, sales engineers, engineering colleague professors, etc. Therefore, to anyone responsible for the design, maintenance, construction or inspection of electrical or electronic equipment and systems.

We offer a 100% guarantee that our seminars are technically accurate, practical, and didactic. If you feel that the seminar did not fulfill your expectations we will refund your investment.

We use many full color high quality graphics as well as animations to explain engineering concepts.


  • If you need to train four or more people simultaneously, an in-house seminar might be more convenient.
  • We can deliver all our seminars at the location of your choice. You would have to provide the training room, digital projector and any other logistical support.
  • In-house training is much more efficient because all the examples and questions could be related to your individual challenges and issues.
  • In addition, some of the material can be adapted to your particular needs.
  • Please contact us to receive more detailed information regarding our in-house seminars.


At AmpSafe we are very flexible when you require specific training topics that do not conform with the standard courses.

  • We will co-develop a one to three-day custom seminar according to your particular needs. Simply provide us your requirements regarding the area of knowledge, time, support didactic materials, and we will implement a seminar tailored to address those specific requirements.
  • These custom seminars could be held either at your own facilities or at a local hotel or conference center.
  • Please call us to receive more detailed information regarding our custom seminars.